Are You Choosing The Right Car Seat For Your Child?

First of all many parents do not even know that children should be carried in special seats called infant car seat, baby car seat, booster car seat etc. For them I will say, don’t you dare think you are good at keeping your child safe! Using car seats are vital because in any car crash it will help to hold your child securely. Of all the things you buy for your child, the right car seat is a must among them. Compromising with this safety kit may cost the life of your precious child and cause major injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to use special car seats for kids of age 0 to 12.

Confused parents and wrong installation of the car seat!

Most of the time it is noticed that even if the parents are using car seats for their child they are not using the right one. Why? Because they do not know how to differ, the car seats from one another and choose the right one for their children. Parents should have the basic knowledge about the risks regarding car seats, which can raise for their negligence. The right car seat can save child’s life and make the travel more comfortable.

For first-time parents, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right car seat for your child. You may not know which one is perfect for your baby. The most terrifying fact is that 80 percent of car seat installation are done wrong. However, remembering the age, weight and height range can help you to sort out the dilemma about when to install the car seat front facing or rear facing.

Learn how to choose the right car seat for your child

You can make a choice among the car seats very easily according to the age, height, and weight of your child. Mainly there are three types of car seats, they are:

  • Non-Convertible car seat
  • Convertible car seat
  • Booster car seat

Non-convertible car seat:

Non-convertible baby car seats are specially designed for the infants. Therefore, it is usually recommended to use a non-convertible baby car seat for your infant child until it reaches a certain weight and height.

Most of the people use non-convertible car seats, which is also known as infant car seats for their newborn babies and until the age of 12 months. The weight capacity of the non-convertible car seats is up to 18 kg or 40lbs. (depending on the model). Until the baby reaches the height of 30 inches, you can use the non-convertible baby car seat.

Why are non-convertible seats best for your infant baby?
Well, non-convertible seats are designed for smaller babies and infants. Therefore, it is crash tested and proved the right car seat for your babies under 30 inches of height. It is always rear facing, which is very safe for your infant baby. As per the title, you cannot convert it from rear facing to front facing. That is why it is perfect to use for your infant child.

Suitable range of using non-convertible car seats

Age0 To 1 Year
HeightUp To 30 Inches
WeightUp To 18 kg Or 40 lbs.
FacingAlways Rearward

Convertible car seat:

Unlike non-convertible car seats, convertible car seats can be installed front facing or rear facing. When your child outgrows the infant seat, you can shift to using convertible car seats for your child. These car seats have the same harness system like infant seats but it comes with a higher range of weight limit to be installed as rear facing. That means your child can use it longer as a rear-facing car seat.

In some particular models, the seats can be used rear-facing up to the weight of 30 to 40 lbs. In many states, children under 2 years must ride facing the rearward so we recommend rear-facing installment of convertible car seats until at least age of two. The minimum weight limit of convertible car seat allows for infant and smaller babies, but it often does not provide the best safety to small babies or newborns.

Convertible car seats can be installed front facing when the kid is 1 year old and usually fits perfectly with the harness of the seat until the age of 6 or 8. What is best for your child is to use the convertible car seat rear facing from age 1-2 years and forward facing from 2-8 years.

Suitable range for using convertible car seat

To Be Installed As Rear Facing
Age1-2 Years
Weight21 lbs. To 40 lbs. ( Depends On The Model )
Height29 Tnches To 34 Inches Approx.
To Be Installed As Front Facing
Age 2 To 8 Years
Weight 25 lbs. To 50 lbs. (Depends On The Model)
Height34 Inches To 50 Inches Approx.

Booster seat:

The booster seat is used just before your child is grown enough to sit in a car seat and use the normal car seat belt. If your child outgrows the weight limit and height limit for a front-facing seat’s harness, it is time to use a booster car seat. Booster seat comes with the feature of lifting your child to the certain height so that the normal seat belt fits perfectly over the sternum and the center of the collarbone, low across the upper thighs, and hold your child securely in a car crash. Now, there can be two main types of the booster seat, high-back and backless. Although backless is pretty easy to install and portable, high back models are highly recommended as it provides side impact protection and helps to position the shoulder belt properly.

Typically, the height limit to use a booster car seat is from 50 to 59 inches. As soon as the child outgrows the weight limit of an internal harness system forward-facing car seat, which is usually 40-80 lbs. and age between 8-12 years can use a booster seat.

Suitable range for using Booster seats

Age8 To 12 Years
Weight40 To 80 lbs.
Height50 To 59 Inches
FacingAlways Forward

Adult seat belt:

If your kid is above 12 years old then it no longer needs a booster seat instead he can sit in the car seat and use the seat belt like an adult.

When your kid is over 79lbs. it is indicating that he can seat in the car seat like an adult person. Though shifting from booster seat to normal car seat mostly depends on the height. If your kid is 59 inches tall or above that he can comfortably seat in the car seat and the seat belt will do the job of holding him safe.

This content concludes the basic knowledge you should have to keep your child safe in a car. Choosing the right car seat for your child is now easier as you know the requirements. Therefore, install the car seat in the right way so it can protect your child in a crash.

Know things, be a good parent.

Are You Choosing The Right Car Seat For Your Child?
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