Safety comes 1st, isn’t it? It is the most serious matter to anyone specifically to the new parents other than anything in the world. In the matter of the baby’s safety parents become more conscious and it starts with the first journey from hospital to the home. For any young baby, the first few months are very sensitive if any kind of accident takes place the effect will affect the infant for lifelong. So it is momentous to make sure the security and safety of infant at least for first 24 (twenty-four) months and you can take the first step towards safety by getting the safest infant car seat for your young baby.

Definition of Safest Infant Car Seat: Safety of Infant is now in your hand


 Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat is invented to protect the infant from unexpected accident, injury or death during traveling or moving from one place to another as they are very sensitive and soft. You may find various types of car seats on the market and all are safe, but among all of them which one is the most updated, secure and has the best safety features that will be the safest infant car seat for your infant. Most commonly people consider safe infant car seat by choosing according to the age, weight and height basis only. Certainly, it can be a safe one, but if you want to get the safest car seat, then you have to look for some latest safety features that come along with the safest infant car seats only.

Safest Car Seat vs. Ordinary Car Seat

According to child safety laws, all the infant car seats on the market are safe as they go through some minimum safety tests. So we cannot mention any car seat as insecure, but we can surely choose the safest one. The difference between an ordinary infant car seat and the safest infant car seat is here;

Subject matterOrdinary infant car seatThe safest infant car seat
Level indicatorsThere will be no indicator to ensure that the infant car seat has been perfectly installed.Certainly, it will have level indicators with colorful light to indicate different signs of perfect installation.
Airplane complianceIt will not be present. Must be certified to ensure a safe and secure flight.
Stroller adjustmentsThere will be no feature for stroller combo.You will get universal attachment system to fit the car seat in the stroller.
Side-impact protectionIt can be hardly found.This feature will be set internally.
Adjustable head support It will not be present.It will be certainly present to protect your baby from any kind of jolt during traveling or moving.

Categorization: Different types of the Safest Infant Car Seats

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) infants (under 24 months) have to stay in rare facing seats in the car so the safest seat should be categorized according to rare facing basis. To make you confuse there are many types of infant car seats but the safest infant car seats over the market can be categorized in 2 (two)  forms only. They can be described as;

  • Non-convertible infant car seat.
  • Convertible infant car seat.

A brief description is given below;

Non-convertible infant car seat:

Non-Convertible Infant Car Seat

it is mainly designed for rare facing seats and it can be set in only rare facing seats. These car seats are made for infants who are up to 22 pounds (10.0 kg) to 32 pounds (15 kg) (The weight can be varied according to the model.)

Superlative for:

  • It is best for the smallest and lightweight infants and also for those parents who love to travel a lot as it is lightweight (without base) by structure so it will be easy to carry.
  • It is primarily required until the infant reaches to weight and height limits.
  • It is perfectly usable for the infant from 0-12 months and also for the infant having low growth rate.

Convertible infant car seat:

Convertible Infant Car Seat

True to its name it can be converted into rare facing seats as well as forward facing seats. It is mostly used for healthy and having well growth rate infants starting at 5 pounds (2.3 kg) up to 50 pounds (23 kg) (the variation of weight depends on different models).

Superlative for:

  • Some infants grow up first and become healthy this is appropriate for them and there are some infants who are tall in size it will be adjustable for them also.
  • This types of car seats are usually less comfortable to carry during traveling because of its structure (without base) it is not as lightweight as non-convertible car seats.

Among all the types of infant car seats only these two types have rear facing seat facilities.

Look before you buy: Features and Technologies

These features are considered as safety features because you will not find mentioned potentials in any ordinary or other types of infant car seats which are not designed specifically for safety basis and the required safety features are:

Key featuresStandards for non-convertible infant car seatsStandards for convertible infant car seatsExplanation (in brief)
Minimum weight limit 4 lbs.5 lbs.Under this weight, the infant is unfit in any types of infant car seat so infant should not be placed in a car seat below the minimum weight.
Maximum weight limit35 lbs.65 lbs.Over this weight, the car seat can be broken and it will be risky for the baby.
Maximum height limits 30 Inches40 inchesOver this height, the infant will not be adjusted and also will not be comfortable in the car seat.
Weight (without base)9.6 Pound9.6 poundIt will help to be flexible the car seat to shift and move.
Weight (with base)15.8 Pound15.8 poundIt will help to keep the infant car seat fixed in a certain place.
Depth 26.5 Inches20.5 inchesDeep depth is required to keep safe from out side's dust and danger. For the smallest infants the depth should be ravine and for well growth infant it should be conservative. Otherwise, the infant will not be comfortable enough.
Wide 17.8 Inches19 inchesWide seat is good for infant’s comfort, but for the unhealthy infant the car seat should be conservative (the comfort level can be varied according to the growth of the infant)
Height24 Inches26 inchesFor infant’s comfort, the height should be extended, but not more than our recommendation otherwise it will be extra-large. (Extra-large seats cannot be universally fitted)
FabricSoft, cozy and smooth woven fabricSoft, cozy and smooth woven fabricIt will provide the infant ultimate easement and will protect your infant's skin from germs and rashes.
Center-pull adjustmentsPresentPresentIt will help to install the car seat in any required place.
Adjustable head supportPresentPresentIt provides extra care to keep secure the head of the infant having any kind of unexpected injury.
Adjustable carry handles PresentPresentIt will help to carry out the infant to reduce the risk of being harmed.
Level indicatorsPresentPresentIt shows that the infant car seat is perfectly installed.
Airplane complianceCertified (by FAA)Certified (by FAA)This certification ensures that the car seat is safe to use on the flight.
Side impact protectionPresentPresentIt will keep the infant secure from contiguous's negative impact by giving an extra layer on the side of the car seat.
Crash testedCertifiedCertifiedThis certification ensures that the car seat will be safe in case of an accident.
Energy absorbent foamPresentPresent It will protect the infant from sunlight by absorbing the heat of the sun.
LATCH connectorsPresentPresentIt will help to install the car seat and also will keep the seat securely in place.
Machine washable cushionsPresentPresent It will make the cushions clean and hygiene to keep an infant safe from germs without any extra effort.
Stroller combo with various safety positions7 (seven) Positions7 (seven) PositionsIt will help to be fitted in strollers in many different positions.

Key Features: A must for Safest Infant Car Seats

Fabric qualities: To provide a comfort zone and protect the infant’s skin

The most sensitive thing in an infant’s body is skin. To protect the skin from germs and rashes fabric should be cozy, soft and smooth woven fabric.

  • Look for: the fabric should be highly comfortable, soft touch, energy absorbent and machine washable.
  • To avoid: the fixed or hardly removable seats, not machine washable seats and dense polyester fabric material made seats should be strongly avoided.

Weight limit: To secure the infant car seat being overloaded

  • Non-convertible car seat’s weight limit: 35 lbs.
  • Convertible car seat’s weight limit: 65 lbs.

The maximum weight limit should not be exceeded at any cost. If the infant’s weight crosses the weight limit the infant’s life will be at risk as it can be broken, the seat will not be able to function appropriately and the car seat will not last a long time.

  • Look for: It is very important to see the maximum weight limit on the manual because the weight limit varies model to model of infant car seats.
  • To avoid: If the selected car seat model’s maximum weight limit is less than our recommendations then you should avoid that model.

Center pull adjustments: For easy and secure installation

Center pull adjustments of infant car seats

For installation, car seats usually have LATCH connectors. This connector may provide safety, but to make the car seat safest for your infant this is not enough. In order to make the installation system easy and effortless to the parents center pull adjustments have been invented. At first, you need to lock the Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors to the lower anchor of your car, then you just need to grab each and every center straps and pull to make the infant car seat base tight and safe in the car.

  • Look for: You should check before buying Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors for easy installation and tighten straps.
  • To avoid: Ordinary LATCH connectors, lax or confusing installation straps featured car seats should be avoided.

Adjustable head support: To keep the infant’s neck, head and mostly backbone strong enough to stand up

Adjustable head support of infant car seats

Without having adjustable head support the infant’s head and neck can be harmed as the backbone is not strong enough to stand up.

So to keep the infant’s sensitive neck and head safe from being harmed and to provide a healthy way to grow up with strong backbone adjustable head support is very important.

  • Look for: the used materials should be soft, cozy and smooth woven fabric which can give the ultimate comfort and head support to the infant.
  • To avoid: the infant car seat having only back side head support, but not side head support should be avoided.

Adjustable carry handles: Flexibility of carrying handle will help to adjust the car seats in many positions to carry infant in a secure way

Adjustable carry handles of infant car seats

In infant car seats there are 4 (four) positions of carrying handle for safety purpose.

To get the desired position you just need to rotate the handle slowly to the required position, then the buttons will pop out and you will find the handle locked up in the new position.

  • Looks for: there should be clearance between top canopy and bottom of the handle and the handle should be adjustable. So you will be able to enjoy the desirable handling position.
  • To avoid: the infant car seat having straight carrying handle without padding should be avoided because it will not be adjusted.

Level indicators: To be absolute about the perfect installation

Level indicators of infant car seats

It is the level indicator by which you can be sure that if your car seat has been perfectly installed or not. In the case of the wrong installation, you will get a sign and also will be able to reinstall it accurately.

  • Look for: you should go with the light indicators to get a clear indication and for easy understanding.
  • To avoid: the car seats without an indicator or having indicators as line should be avoided.

Airplane compliance: to make the flight comfortable and secure for your young baby

FAA certified infant car seat

In order to make the infant car seat safest, the car seat must be certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the shape of the car seat should be maintained according to the airplane seat’s measurements in Universal LATCH lock system and your car seat will be able to fit in the airplane seat and your infant may have a safe flight.

  • Look for: it is certainly not safe and comfortable to hold the infant on the lap throughout the whole journey and using a rented infant car seat after the flight. So you may enjoy this feature (as it has airplane compliance and also universal attachment system) by purchasing an individual ticket for the infant to fit the car seat on the airplane seat and the infant car seat must be approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • To avoid: the infant car seats, which are not certified by FAA and extra-large seats should be avoided because the car seats will not be allowed and adjustable in airplane seats.

Side impact protection: to protect from jolt and unusual crash

Side impact protection of infant car seats

This feature of the car seat absorbs the force of sides and rear crash by the material of EPS and foam material which will also protect your infant from unexpected accident

  • Look for: you should check the EPS and high-quality foam material before buying.
  • To avoid: the car seats of having low-quality material’s walls of side protection should be avoided.

Stroller combo with multiple safety positions: for easy and secure transportation with your required safety styles

Infant car seats stroller combo with multiple safety positions

Nowadays the best and most popular option to simplify the transportation system of an infant is stroller combo. The multiple installation systems will offer you to use stroller combo feature in many different positions and you may able to fit the car seat in the stroller according to your required safety position. The universal frames with swivel locking mechanisms will maintain the security of the infant car seat in the stroller.

  • Look for: the feature stroller combo in car seat should be “universal” (flexible compatibility to use in any kind of stroller) with multiple positions feature.
  • To avoid: the car seat which can be fitted only in the same brand’s stroller with complicated attachment system and without multiple position features should be strongly avoided.

These 9 (nine) features have to be present to make any kind of infant car seat the safest one.

Caution: Prevention before Cure

You have to be more conscious about some matters by which the safety of your infant can be at risk.

  • The air bag can be a killing weapon for your kid under 12 months. So air bag should be kept far away from your infant.
  • Infant (under 24 months) should not be shifted in front facing seats.
  • Seat belt or child restraints should be fitted during traveling or moving from one place to another.
  • Direct sunlight is enough to make the surface of car seat hot and burn your infant.
  • Stop using the car seat which has faced any accident, being damaged by any crash or having a missing part.
  • The infant car seat should not be placed in the shopping cart.

Proposed Product: Non-convertible Infant Car Seats

Non-convertible car seats are designed for those who are small in the size or having slow growth rate. Now we are going to present the top 3 (three) brands in a comparable manner to clear your confusion regarding choosing the safest one.

Key featuresSun-dried click connect 30 by GracoBOB B-Safe 35 infant car seat from Britax.Air protection plus infant car seat from Safety 1st
Item model number1965899E1A725MIC205CKJ
1) Fabric qualitiesEnergy absorbent foamPolyurethane foam (this material is soft, cozy, woven fabric and also energy absorbent)Energy absorbent foam (it has cozy type materials)
Minimum weight limit4 lbs.4 lbs.4 lbs.
2) Maximum weight limit30 lbs.35 Ibs.35 lbs.
Maximum height limits30 Inches30 Inches30 Inches
Weight (without base)7 lbs.9.8 lbs.8 lbs.
Weight (with base)11 lbs.15.8 lbs.13 lbs.
Depth26.8 Inches27.5 Inches31.5 Inches
Wide17.5 Inches17.5 Inches19 Inches
Height 14 Inches24.5 Inches16.5 Inches
3) Center-pull adjustmentsAbsent PresentAbsent
4) Adjustable head supportAbsentPresentPresent
5) Adjustable carry handlesPresent (without adjustable feature)PresentPresent
6) Level indicatorsPresent (as a line)Present (with various colorful lights)Absent
7) Airplane complianceAbsentCertified (by FAA)Certified (by FAA)
8) Side impact protectionPresentPresentPresent
Crash testedCertifiedCertifiedCertified
Energy absorbent foam
PresentPresentAbsent (air protection feature is present)
LATCH connectorsPresent (hook)PresentPresent
Machine washable cushionsAbsentPresentPresent
9) Stroller combo with various safety positions1 (one) Position7 (seven) PositionsAbsent

From the above table, it is very clear that basic safety features can be found in a various car seats, but it is very hard to find all the safety features in one model. So, according to the above observation,

BOB B Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

we may suggest you BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax as the safest infant car seat over the market as it has all the 9 (nine) key features.

Whys and wherefores: Reasons to choose

According to the consumer reports 2015 (Canada), the main features of being the safest non-convertible infant car seat has been found consistently in BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax including some more exclusive features and these are;

Impact-absorbing base:

Impact-absorbing base of BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

It absorbs crash energy which will give you peace of mind by knowing that there is enough strength where we need it most at the connection point of the car seat.

Impact stabilizing steel frame:

Impact stabilizing steel frame of BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

The frame or internal structured material is the most important thing and in Britax, you will have the impact stabilizing steel frame

The mentioned features can be hardly found in the same proportion in any other non-convertible infant car seat except BOB B-Safe 35 infant car seat from Britax.

Proposed Product: Convertible Infant Car Seat

Convertible infant car seats are mostly designed for rapidly growing up infants who are healthy and tall in size. Now here we are presenting the top 3 (three) brands to help you in choosing the safest one.

Key featuresNextFit convertible car seat from ChiccoTribute LX convertible car seat by EvenfloPro 85 special edition convertible car seats by Maxi-Cosi
Item model number0807931927007038112121CC034APU
1) Fabric qualitiesCozy, soft energy absorbing foamIt has no extraordinary fabric (except plastic and metal)Energy absorbent foam and plastic
Minimum weight limit5 lbs.5 lbs.5 Lbs.
2) Maximum weight limit65 lbs.40 lbs.70 lbs.
Maximum height limits40 Inches (adjustable)40 Inches (not adjustable)40 Inches (not adjustable)
Weight (without base)9.6 lbs.7 lbs.8 lbs.
Weight (with base)15.8 lbs.14 lbs.15 lbs.
Depth20.5 Inches27.6 Inches21.2 Inches
Wide19 Inches18.5 Inches29.5Inches
Height26 Inches19.8 Inches22.8 Inches
3) Center-pull adjustmentsPresentPresent Absent
4) Adjustable head supportPresentAbsent Absent
5) Adjustable carry handlesPresentAbsent Absent
6) Level indicatorsPresent (with dual lighting system)Present (with single lighting system) Absent
7) Airplane complianceCertified (by FAA)Certified (by FAA) Absent
8) Side impact protectionPresentPresentPresent
Crash testedCertifiedCertifiedCertified
Energy absorbent foamPresentAbsentPresent
LATCH connectorsPresentPresentPresent
Machine washable cushionsPresentPresentAbsent
9) Strollers combo with multiple safety positions 7 (seven) PositionsAbsentAbsent

To choose the safest convertible car seat you should consider that model which has all the 9 (nine) key safety features at the accurate proportion and in the above,

NextFit convertible infant car seat

you can see that the NextFit convertible car seat is able to gratify all the safety features.

Whys and wherefores: Reasons to choose

safety features of NextFit convertible infant car seat

According to the consumer reports of 2016, NHTSA’s car seat all the standards of safety (for the convertible infant car seat) have found in “NextFit convertible car seat” with some more  exclusive safety features and these are;

  • It can be fitted in nine positions for accurate adjustments in any kind of vehicle’s seat or airplane seat which means universal installation with 9 (nine) positions.
  • Having adjustable head support in 6 (six) positions, this feature makes the difference which will take extra care with multiple positions.
  • It has extra padding for infant’s comfort and security.

These exclusive features cannot be cast in any other convertible car seat and it will provide you with the highest level of safety. So this model can be surely considered as the safest convertible infant car seat.

Safety Guidelines

For the young passenger, you have to take more care of regarding safety matters. Here we have discussed some primary issues which you should not deny at any cost.

  • For an infant, the safest place in a car is the rear facing seat so you must keep the young passenger in the rear facing seat.
  • Always follow the manual coming with the car seat.
  • In many research, it has been found that most of the accidents take place due to imperfect installation so perfectly installation is one of the most important matters regarding safety.
  • You should not take an expired date car seat or any second-hand car seat without knowing the history.
  • The LATCH connectors or seat belts should not move more than 1 (one) inches.

Final Decree

All the car seats will give you protection, but there are some infant car seats which can provide the safest security than others. In various research and crash tests results, it has been found that infants are safest in rear facing seats and regarding the matter, this article can be a very helpful guideline for the parents who always prefer the best thing for their baby like the safest infant car seats.

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