Safety is all! Isn’t it? And when it’s about your infant then you become more cautious for his protection. During driving we consider rear facing car seat for newborn babies to the age of 2 (at least for 12 months) and so it becomes tough and dangerous to turn back every time to see him. In the remedy of this trouble, many brands launch Baby Car Seat Mirror. With Baby Car Seat mirror you can watch out and guard you baby without difficulty and at the same time, it will lessen the risk of uncertain accidents.

What is a Baby Car Seat Mirror

Baby Car Seat Mirror Viewing Process
Well, there is no confusion that this is a kind of mirror. Baby car seat mirror is a sort of mirror that can be installed in the rear facing seat or SUV facing forward angled in our car. With the help of this mirror, parents can observe the child along with driving peacefully without turning back.

Worries of parents while driving!

  • “Is my baby doing okay?”
  • “Is my child sleeping?”
  • “Why can’t I hear him breathing?”
  • “What will happen if any loose object hurt him?”
  • “He must be hungry but I can’t hear his cry”

Keeping the baby in the rear seat may stress the parents so much that they couldn’t even drive attentively and the consequences are tentative accidents. Installing baby car seat mirror makes it all go right which is the primary concern of this product.

Why should we install a Baby Car Seat Mirror in our Car

  • With a baby car seat mirror, the irritation and risk of turning back to the rare facing seat can be reduced.
  • Reducing the risks regarding accidents, the baby car seat mirror ensures that you do not have to turn back every time to observe you baby which is irritating at times. Until an infant has got no idea about safety it’s our responsibility to secure him.
  • For infants, the journey can be tiring, but with this product they can play with the reflections of the mirror and you can make his journey entertaining. They also feel comfortable seeing similar faces in the mirror.
  • As baby car seat mirror provides various safety features so it increases the percentage of safety.
  • Interacting with reflections and exploring facial expressions and body languages will develop his social skills. It also improves the cognitive skills which lead to brain development.

Buying Guide: Examining your Car

Examining car is vital before buying a Baby Car Seat Mirror as the backseat models of different car are not same at all.

Three types of backseat can be discovered.

Backseat with headrest

Backseat with headrest

Backseat without headrest

Backseat without headrest

Backseat without middle headrest / with side headrest

Backseat without middle headrest / with side headrest

Forms of Baby Car Seat Mirror

According to the backseat models, Baby Car Seat Mirror can be categorized into two types.

  • Baby Car Seat Mirror with headrest
  • Baby Car Seat Mirror all in one ( it can be used in with headrest / no headrest )

Baby Car Seat Mirror with Headrest

Different Baby Car Seat Mirrors with Headrest
In this kind of Baby Car Seat Mirror headrest facility is required in the car seat otherwise it cannot be installed. Different kind of Baby Car Seat Mirror with Headrest is shown below.

  • With fixed Headrest in Normal Design: People having a simple and standard choice can select this.
  • In Colorful Cartoon Designs: People who have colorful, fashionable and exceptional taste can go for this.
  • In Colorful cartoon designs with light and music: Parents who love to travel much can select this for keeping the baby entertained for a long period. It features music systems and LED light covering cartoon figures with dancing mode (activated and controlled by remote)

In colorful cartoon designs

Baby car seat mirror In colorful cartoon designs

  • Seeing the reflection into mirror surrounded with colorful cartoon designs your baby can be cheered up and fascinated, thus he can also play with the cartoons.
  • Being fashionable than normal baby car seat mirrors you can attach extra toys with it.

In cartoon designs with light and music systems

Baby Car Seat Mirror In Cartoon Designs With Light And Music Systems

  • Featuring LED and music system this seat mirror is perfect for long journey as it keeps the baby entertained with the music and dance of the funny figures and so you can drive peacefully.
  • You can control the features with remote without turning back and can also observe you baby in dark with the help of LED light.
  • Less harmful in accidents because it remains fixed with the backseat.
  • Crash tested mirrors for safety concern.
  • Lightweight, easy to install and flexible to handle.
  • Most of the popular brands launch baby car seat mirror with a headrest which itself shows its demand over the baby car seat mirrors.
  • Cannot be used in car seats without headrest.
  • The seat mirrors with designs and cartoons run on battery and can be shut down in the middle of the journey.
  • In case of accidents, the installed toys can be harmful.

Installing Baby Car Seat Mirror with Headrest

Installing Baby Car Seat Mirror with Headrest

  • Enhancing the headrest you have to position the mirror against the fore turret of the headrest. In the fore turret, baby mirror’s fabric flap should be located.
  • You have to exceed the fabric flap through the lacuna between the headrest and the head border of the back seat. Then you should haul the strap up around the headrest and adjoin the strap’s clip to the ring on the head border of the mirror. You have to check from the front seat if it’s in a perfect position or not, if you find any problem then you need to shift the back seat mirror, tighten or loosen the adjustment strap adjoined to the back of the mirror to change the angle of reflection.

Baby Car Seat Mirror All-in-One (with headrest /without headrest)

Coming in a larger size than the other types of seat mirrors this all-in-one Baby Car Seat mirror can be adjusted with all the cars. It has an exclusive ultra-flexible wire which makes it very adjustable and helps to fit this mirror in any seat.

This seat mirror goes with cars having-

  • Headrest in the Middle Back Seat
  • No headrest
  • Side Headrest without Middle Headrest

Consistent with the desires of parent seat mirrors has been modernized and the most updated version of baby car seat mirror is All-in-One Baby Car Back Seat Mirror with Lights and Music System. With a casual look, it provides extra features that will amaze you.

  • Dual Lightning mode with multiple attachment options and high-quality sound system.
  • Lightweight, casual and standard design with soft touch frame having a unique shape makes it different.


  • Adjustable in any seat and certified by crush test (which ensures safety)
  • Lightweight and flexible (harmless in case of accidents)
  • Comes in a large shape, easy to install and removed
  • Shatter proof and no assembly required
  • Can be rotated 360° for observing your baby from head to toe
  • All-in-one seat mirror with music has LED to observe child at night journey and music player to cheer him up


  • Having limited designs and it can be easily removed (less reliable than the baby car seat mirror with headrest)
  • Baby Car Seat Mirror with music systems runs on a battery so can be shut down in the middle of the journey

Who can make the best use of it?

It is suitable for every model of car seat but it should be used in-

  • Cars having no headrest facility
  • Cars having side headrest or without middle headrest facility

Installing All-in-one Baby Car Seat Mirror

  • Fixing position on the top turret of the back seat, next to the car seat, you need to take possession of the last part of the fabric strap which is adjoined to the back of the mirror.
  • Then you have to push the fabric strap into the gap between the back seat and the rear deck. To give support of the weight of the mirror you will thrust in enough of the strap.
  • You have to check out the location and angle of the baby mirror from the front seat if it is in the right position or not. (If you find any problem you have to shift the baby mirror to the right place by following the same process)

With Headrest vs. All-in-One: Which Baby Car Seat Mirror is the safest

Title Baby Car Seat Mirror With HeadrestBaby Car Seat Mirror All In One (With Headrest/ Without Headrest )
Seat type It is suitable for that seats having headrest facility.It is suitable for every model of car seat.
Safety features It is safe as it remains fixed with car back seat and also has a shatterproof design.It is crash tested and has shatterproof designed but remains fixed with the car seat.
Adjustable facility It has confined adjustable features.It has more flexibility features to adjust any type of car seat.
Various designs
Various designs are available with different features. You will find limited designs of this type of seat mirror.
Extra features (for designer safety mirrors)
It has a lightning system (single) with colorful dancing cartoon designs and also with music systems.You will get dual LED lighting systems without cartoon design but with music systems in it.

True to its name SAFETY MIRROR, all these safety seat mirrors are safe for your infant and all the features are crucial to ensure your baby’s safety. The materials are well qualified which ensures that these mirrors will be harmless. So you can select them according to your backseat type and choice of features.

What should you look for before buying any type of baby car safety mirror

Standard Description
Safety featuresThe mirror should be crash tested and has to be shatter proof because it ensures that if it is inoffensive for your child or not.
SizeSize varies according to the backseat size, mirror types, designs etc. But the most required size of the mirror should be 11.5*8*3.5 (with headrest) and 11.5*1.5*5 (for all-in-one)
ViewHD and Crystal clear view.
Strap numberDouble straps are better than single strap (strap is a material which keeps the mirror fixed in the same place)
MaterialIt should be made by Acrylic (no use of glass, because glass can be harmful)
Rotation FeatureThe mirror must have rotation feature.(for with headrest)
And for all in one 360° rotation feature is required.
InstallationIt should be easy to install for all type of mirror.
AttachmentIt must have multiple attachment options.(only for all in one baby mirror)

Along with primary standards, a baby car seat mirror should have some other requires standards.

  • Mirror should be extra-large and have wide-angle view
  • Should have distortion-free view and must be lightweight
  • Mirror must have the power of energy absorbing and assembly should not be required
  • Material used in the mirror must be well qualified to keep the mirror securely fixed with headrest
  • Should be able to be installed in any kind of car seat
  • LED light should be Crystal clear and the music should not be very loud

Proposed products: Best Baby Car Seat Mirrors

Baby Car Seat Mirror (with headrest)

If you feel confusion while choosing among different brands you can go for comparisons of their products.

The top brands of rare facing back seat fixed mirror:

StandardSo PeepCozy GreensDaffaDootChicco Sandblasted Full Baby Car Seat MirrorMVPOWER Baby Rear View Mirror Infant Backseat Mirror
Product modelSP3000N/AMIR422401800051
Size11.7*9.2*3.7 Inches9.9*8*3.2 Inches11.5*7.8*3.5 g Inches12.5*3*8.5 Inches13.6*7.7*1.9 Inches
Weight15.2 Ounces1 Pound14.6 Ounces1.2 Pounds1.2 Pounds
Special material
Acrylic glassPolymer materialsPolycystic aromatic hydrocarbons free. ( which means no plastic smell )N/APlastic + acrylic
Strap numberDoubleSingleDoubleSingleSingle
Best feature
It is specially engineered to keep the straps fixed with car seat and not to vibrate or shake while you are driving.Lifetime full warranty which ensures that it will be a well-qualified product.It is certified toxin free and also with double straps to ensure your baby’s safety.Shatterproof covered mirror gives an expanded view of your baby. So you can see your baby from any angle.Flexible attachment system allows the mirror to be fixed in any type of car seat.

we can suggest you to buy the Model SP3000 by So Peep (best selling price winner) or the Model MIR42240 by DaffaDoot( the most popular brand in parents) you can buy any one which ever you prefer most.
Baby car seat mirror - SP3000 by So Peep & MIR42240 by DaffaDoot
As it’s called safety mirror, safety should be the first priority but MVPOWER rare facing back seat mirror have used nylon single strap which cannot ensure the security of the mirror that it will remain fixed with the headrest. So it is not preferable to any parents.

Baby car seat mirror with the headrest in cartoon designs

We are going to discuss the top best brands in the market in a comparison manner so you can easily choose the best one.

StandardTaf ToysIntipal
Model number:TAF11915BCM95095
Weight:8.6 Ounces8 Ounces
Size:7.5*2.8*10.8 Inches13.8*11.5*1.4 Inches
Especial material:Polymery materialAcrylic (which means no glass)
Best features:It is shatterproofIt is crash tested

In above discussion, we can see Intipal is bigger than Taf Toys in size but light weighted and made by Acrylic(no glass) which is most important.
Baby car seat mirror - Intipal BCM95095
So we can surely suggest you Intipal as the best product of the market.

Best Baby Car Seat Mirror in cartoon designs and with light and music systems

Model 63013 magical firefly auto Baby Car Seat Mirror by Brica

63013 Magical Firefly Auto Baby Car Seat Mirror By Brica
This is the best product in all over the market even there is no other product which goes through the standards to compare with it.

Made with well qualifies materials this product is very popular to fashion conscious parents as it is very fancy with funny figures. It’s funny figures dance on music in a funny manner which is controlled by a remote.

Why parents love it
  • Size is 14*12.3*2.3
  • 1.6 pounds weight
  • Uses Polymer plastics (which refers that it is shatter proof)
  • Enduring battery of 1CR2
  • Shatter proof and crash tested
  • LED lights are covered by the funny figures. (so when the LED light on the funny figures start dancing)
  • Plays suitable music for babies (not so loud)
  • Has automatic shutdown feature (saves battery)
  • Shooting night light tarnishes after 10 minutes
  • Not suitable for long journey as it runs on battery power.
Overall opinions

These are the features which make it different and best among all the products.

Baby Car Seat Mirror all in one (with headrest / no headrest)

According to market observation and parents demand the most popular brands are given below in a comparative manner.

Subject MatterBaby In Sight Mega Mirror By Brica4U2C By Parents Product
Product model630094U2C
Weight14.1 Ounces1.1 Pounds
Size14*0.5*9.5 Inches10.5*6.7*4.8 Inches
MaterialSoft touch frame (which absorbs energy)Acrylic shatterproof mirror
Best featureIt is the largest brica mirror (it is 25% larger than another mirror)A pithy telescoping mast allows it to expand vertically from 9” up to maximum 14”
Baby car seat mirror - 63009 Baby in Sight Mega Mirror by Brica
Both of these are the leading brands in the market so you can buy any one that fulfills your recommendations. But according to our suggestion if you want a big mirror you can buy the Model 63009 Baby in Sight Mega Mirror by Brica.

Best Baby Car Seat Mirror with light and music systems

Model BCBR63006 Munchkin Brica Day and Night musical auto mirror:

BCBR63006 Munchkin Brica Day And Night Musical Auto Baby Car Seat Mirror
In the world of the magical mirror, this is the most updated mirror till now. It is activated by a remote control. It has some extra features in it which makes it most updated baby mirror.

Why parents love it

It’s a different design and extra features make it the most updated baby mirror.

  • Size is 13.2*12.2*2.3 inches
  • Weight is 1.3 pounds
  • Enduring battery of 3AA
  • Covered by soft touch frame which is very light weighted which ensures that it will be harmless. (Usually, magical mirrors are not of lightweight)

It has a double light system by LED night lights

  • Mode 1: Shooting night light tarnishes after 10 minutes
  • Mode 2: Indemnity checks light tarnishes after 10 seconds

It enhances the percentage of safety (this double light system has been hardly used in any magical baby mirror)

  • Has four type of attachment options
  • Has high-quality sound systems with 4 types of different sound
  • Can be installed in any types of car seat
  • Best for night journey
What parents dislike
  • Has no auto shut-down system so it absorbs more battery power and is not suitable for long journey
Overall opinion

Though it is not good for a long journey it will be the most useful back seat mirror at night journey. It will take care of your infant sleep in the night by its sensor night lights (you can hardly have this feature in other baby safety mirror on the market.

To Sum up

In the time when you are seeking a safety mirror for your baby, we brought this article to guide you. As we know every loose object in a car can be a weapon for your soft touch infant and this thinking will always distract you while you are driving along with your baby which increases the percentage of getting accidents. So we recommend getting installed a Baby Car Seat Mirror in your car to keep eyes on your baby every second without turning to back seat. Best Baby Car Seat Mirror article will help you to reduce all the complications you are going to face to choose the best baby car safety mirror among so many choices. Now you can easily choose the best and appropriate baby car back seat mirror according to your recommendations to keep your baby safe and secure.

Best Baby Car Seat Mirror
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